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Explore Non-12 Step Recovery Options in Orange County

Building and maintaining motivation in recovery is primarily impacted by the philosophy of the rehab program you choose.

You need alignment between your needs and how rehab treatment centers approach your healing journey. But that may be tough if you aren’t a fan of the 12-step process.

Most rehab centers base their approaches around the 12-step recovery program. But if that’s not right for you, then alternatives to 12-step programs like the non-12-step program may be a better approach to addiction recovery. This page covers everything you need to know about it. Read on to learn more, or give us a call any time at (855) 906-4088 for a free consultation.

What Is Non-12-Step Rehab?

To understand what non-12-step rehab is, you first need to know what 12-step rehab is. These are recovery programs that are designed around the teachings of the 12-step philosophy, which is the most popular support group for people struggling with substance use disorders around the world.

But the 12-step philosophy is not something that everyone believes in. Some tenants may not fit your ideals, such as admitting that you’re powerless over your addiction.

Is Non-12-Step Rehab Better Than 12-Step Rehab?

There’s no evidence-based proof that either 12-step or non-12-step programs are better than the other. Both treatment programs include an emphasis on support groups to get more out of your recovery process.

Instead, the better option for you will likely be personal preference. You should choose the type of rehab that you feel more comfortable with – whether that’s the familiarity of the 12-step process or the philosophical flexibility of a non-12-step program.

Non-12-Step Program

  • Secular-approach
  • More focus on a flexible, personalized plan
  • Balance of group and individual therapy
  • More emphasis on mental health

12-Step Program

  • Spiritual component
  • Group support and accountability
  • Step-based approach
  • Less individualized attention

In one study, members of non-12-step programs showed higher levels of satisfaction and cohesion compared to 12-step members.

If you aren’t sure which is right for you, give us a call at (855) 906-4088. We have a 24/7 hotline staffed by addiction specialists who can answer your questions and provide personalized care recommendations based on your unique situation.

You might also want to consider any previous experience you may have with the 12-step philosophy. If you’ve tried it before and didn’t like it, a non-12-step program could make more sense.

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What Types of Non-12 Step Addiction Treatments Are Available?

The philosophy of a rehab program is just one factor to consider while deciding whether it’s right for you. It will also be essential to think about what your time in the rehab program will be spent on.

At Harmony Junction, located in Southern California, we combine several treatments into our non-12-step rehab programs. We’ve found that this allows our residents to heal their minds, bodies, and spirits more effectively as they work towards their long-term recovery goals.

With that in mind, here are the three types of treatment you should expect to receive during your non-12-step rehab program – whether through us or another provider.


Therapy will be the foundation of your rehab program – regardless of whether you choose a 12-step or non-12-step facility. In rehab, it involves working individually with someone who specializes in mental health and addiction.

Your therapist will help you understand your drug or alcohol addiction and its causes. Then, you will work together to identify healthier strategies for coping with life’s challenges. This is where you’ll build the foundation for a lifetime of successful sobriety.

Group Meetings

You’ll also participate in group meetings at a non-12-step rehab facility. However, these meetings won’t be quite the same as they would be in a 12-step program. How your group meetings are run and their philosophy can vary based on your chosen facility. You may want to contact the facilities you’re considering to learn more directly.

Holistic Healing

Finally, at Harmony Junction Recovery, we also fold holistic healing treatments into our non-12-step rehab program. These can include yoga and meditation classes, art therapy, and simple outdoor activities with your co-residents. We make these a part of your recovery program because they help you feel better in the mind and body. They also allow you to process the emotions around your addiction in different ways, which can be very helpful as you work toward your goals.

Will My Insurance Cover a Non-12-Step Rehab?

The next question you may have is whether insurance will cover your non-12-step rehab program. The answer is yes, it probably will.

Health insurance companies are required by law to treat substance abuse the same way they treat other conditions that require medical attention. This means they can’t exclude rehab from your coverage arbitrarily. So you should have at least some level of insurance help when paying for your program.

That being said, your health insurance plan may have deductibles and copays that you need to meet before coverage kicks in. You’ll want to review these before committing to anything just so you know what you’re getting into financially before proceeding.

What Happens After Non-12-Step Rehab?

After rehab, you’ll want to continue receiving support as you transition your recovery back into the real world. The specific type of support we recommend will depend on how you progressed during rehab and what you think would be most helpful based on your lived experiences.

When you finish rehab, you and your care team will sit down to discuss this. They’ll work with you to form a comprehensive aftercare plan that may include therapy, more group meetings, or even spending some time in a sober living home.

The bottom line is that, although you’ll definitely want to pursue some form of structured care, you have some say in what that looks like. This ensures you receive just the support that you need to continue healing and avoid relapse.

Get Started Today With Harmony Junction Recovery, Located in Southern California

If you think that non-12-step rehab may be right for you, give Harmony Junction Recovery a call. We’re one of Southern California’s premier substance abuse centers and offer non-12-step rehab in specialized forms, such as pet-friendly rehab and couples rehab. We can also verify your insurance to see what your coverage would look like.

So why wait any longer to get started? Call us today, and we’ll help you take the next step forward in your recovery.

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